Protect your farm’s most important assets with 25 year OctoPost..

Whether you need to fence them in or keep things out, our unique octagonal wooden posts help you create enduring value for generations to come. Leading supplier of Fencing products throughout the UK and Ireland. For information on your local stockist please contact Loughwood

All our timber is sourced from carefully managed forests in Sweden, which have been inspected and certified to ensure their sustainability.


What are OctoPosts Used For?.

Farm Properties

Tanasote – one of the key reasons Loughwood fences have longer lives than other fences.


Proven to be the most effective and reliable preservative for timber that is being used outdoors


Has added bonus of deterring livestock from chewing the timber of your new fence.

Walk Ways

Made using quality timber felled from sustainable Scots Pine forests in Sweden.


What is OctoPost Used For?

Our unique “Octoposts” produced from Swedish Redwood are kiln dried and pressure treated with Tanasote.

The Tanasote Octo posts come with a 25 year guarantee with a life expectancy of 35 – 50 years. The Tanalith E come with a 15 year guarantee. Posts have a unique mark which identifies the year they were produced.

Posts are machined into an octagonal profile providing a flat surface for fixing. Each post is identical making erecting quicker and giving a consistency which is pleasing to the eye

Crucially the same process, timber and treatment, are used in the making of the telegraph poles and the Octopost. The timber grown is PFSC certified which means that the forest is guaranteed to be replanted.

All of the Octo posts are sold through stockists nationwide. Contact your local agri merchant or contact us direct and we can send you further information regarding your area.

The Octopost rails are treated in the exact same way as their posts are. The rail has a half octagonal profile therefore the completed fence is very pleasing to the eye. The rails come in two lengths 3.5m and 4.2m and have an overlapping joint. This makes erecting the fence far simpler as the rail ends do not have to end on the post.


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Maximum Protection

Protect Your Farm’s Most Important Assets.

Long Lasting

25 year guarantee (30 to 40 yr life expectancy)


Cost effective option savailable


Ideal for electric and stock fencing


It is advised that protection for skin and eyes be used at all times when working with creosote.